Portland Swap Meet

"Always in April"


Vendor set-up is Thursday from 8:00am to 7:00pm. (No general admission or vending)

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Portland Swap Meet
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Portland Swap Meet

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Electrical Services

Will be added when Info is available.


TEST DRIVES: Due to insurance concerns, driving will not be allowed during the regular hours of the swap meet. Test drives may be arranged with the gate chairmen, to be done after closing hours.

NOT ALLOWED: Also not allowed during the swap meet: pets, rollerskates/blades, scooters, skateboards, bicycles and motorized conveyances. Only non-motorized wagons/carts that are no more than 2 feet wide by 3 feet long will be allowed.

SCOOTERS and CARTS: ADA scooter/cart are allowed for those with government issued ADA parking permits only. Electric powered ADA scooters/carts are allowed inside and out.

Gas/fuel powered ADA scooters/carts are not allowed inside buildings, but may be used in the outside areas.

See the ADA Accessibility Information section on the Information page.



We have over 3,500 stalls that draw more than 50,000 shoppers each year.

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